ActivityRight’s Spring 2021 development release reduces the amount of manual work that parents, school staff, and district administrators conduct related to payments, permissions deadlines, and reporting. 

ActivityRight is the centralized engagement platform that integrates with your existing data to enable peak communication in the mobile-friendly format your staff and parents expect. Using ActivityRight enables school districts to: 

  • Streamline field trips, events and other school initiatives by solving all the problems with paper forms and cash collection 
  • Allow parents to pay school fees and access receipts from any device  
  • Simplify processing, collecting, and reconciliation of fees related to school activities 
  • Eliminate error-prone manual fee management processes 
  • Integrate with school accounting solutions for easy payment management 

Extend Deadlines for Permissions or Fee Payments 

Staff can now accommodate late payments on a per-request basis and extend an electronic payment link. Capabilities for extending deadlines enable school staff to help parents who need additional flexibility while still maintaining control of payment deadlines. Before this release, staff had to manually process permissions or payments on behalf of parents who missed a deadline on an activity or form. With deadline extension capabilities, staff can:  

  • Deliver custom time and date cut-off capabilities on a parent-by-parent basis, using their discretion  
  • Send email with a payment link to parents so that they can complete the permission or payment themselves 

Upload Credits for Future Activities or Fee Payments 

Parents can now pre-load payments into their student’s account in the form of student credits that can be used anytime for a quick check outWith this capability, parents can: 

  • Upload any amount of money as “credit” to apply towards trips, school meals, clubs, and any other recurring payment for which the schools collect money 
  • Reduce the frequency of manual payments by applying credits for future activities and fees  
  • Easily manage recurring fees, such as a Milk Program, where students or parents want to apply fees daily or weekly 

Reporting and Bug Fixes   

Administrative reporting now contains robust reporting features as well as a few bug fixes, all of which came from customer feedback. The updates enable staff to drill down for specific Activity or Form details by setting specific date ranges for the reporting, and/or applying Participant filters such as discounts received.   

  • Export payment history to Excel  
  • Filter and export Activity participant information for each Activity or Form, including discounts and waived fees.   
  • Filter Fees and Activities reports based on date ranges (with the ability to set a “Start Date” and “End Date” for each report).   
  • Print or export filtered information to Excel 
  • Pending release in May 2021: A new report “Outstanding Student Balance Report and Statement for end-of-year reporting and follow up (expected release in May 2021)  

ActivityRight reduces risk associated with cash collection and school-generated funds by automatically allocating digitally collected fees with a General Ledger integration. 

Contact a team member to learn more about these feature improvements and the platform overall. 

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