In high school, there’s always an occasion that calls for ticketing. Below are some of the different high school events that are made easier with an online registration and event ticketing system.

1. Drama performances

On the night of a high school drama performance, the show must go on. Dramatically simplify the process of planning and executing the big night with help from an online registration system, that accepts secure online payments for tickets to the theater performances and sends confirmation emails automatically. Event attendees have the option of printing their tickets or sharing a digital ticket at the door, making the registration and check-in processes much easier to navigate. Online registration and event ticketing systems can also send event reminders to attendees, which ultimately helps boost attendance.

2. Graduation ceremonies

A high school graduation ceremony is a monumental event—both for graduates who attend and for those tasked with planning. Help graduation go off without a hitch with an online registration system. Create custom graduation invitations and reminders for students and families. Offer graduates the ability to register and pay for tickets online. Software specifically designed for graduation can help make this special event simple for families by providing interactive seating, allowing families to plan their seats together well in advance, without the need to scramble for seats.

3. School picture days

School picture day may not seem like that big of a deal from a planning perspective—but there are still several details to figure out to help the day go smoothly. An event ticketing system can send emails to students and family members to let them know picture day is coming up. They can then use the system to schedule photo time slots for a much smoother process on picture day and purchase photography packages. InviteRight can easily integrate with the Student Information System (SIS), so students can be verified by their identification numbers to improve tracking.

4. Banquet dinners

An online registration system is extremely useful when planning a banquet dinner for graduates, a sports team, other school groups or a school fundraising initiative. SIS integration allows users to send invitations to specific student lists and allow only invited guests to register. Allowing dinner guests to select their own seating at tables also eases the event planning workload. Interactive seat selection simplifies this process, offering an easy-to-use, highly visual way for guests to choose their seats.

5. School field trips

So much goes into planning a school field trip—the last thing anybody needs is to stress out over permission slips and fee collection. With an online registration system, teachers can create custom invitations, complete with full details regarding the field trip, and send them out to specific student lists. Once they receive the invitation, parents can register and pay for their students to attend the field trip using the digital platform. This offers a secure, convenient payment option and makes payment tracking easier in the process. 

6. Sporting events

Three cheers for event ticketing systems! Managing high school sporting events is much more challenging without a digital ticketing platform. Along with digital communications and ticketing, the solution can limit the number of tickets purchased by a user to align with venue capacities. Help stay within the venue’s capacity limits—especially for those with smaller stadiums or gymnasiums. An online registration system presents the opportunity for schools to sell team merchandise to students and their family members and to scan tickets, either from a printout or a smartphone—making ticket collection less stressful on game day.

7. Career days

Career days are a highly effective way for high school students to explore future career options. With an event ticketing solution that has SIS integration, validating students by ID number is simple. Career programs can track mandatory attendance as well as restrict sessions to certain grades, groups, or sizes. Students attending career day can also use the online registration system to select and register for sessions in advance, making for a more organized event on the day of. Following career day, a proper system can generate reports to measure how successful the event was.

8. School dances

From music and decorations to chaperones, there are a ton of details that come with planning the perfect school dance. An online registration system can send invitations to specific student lists, offer digital ticketing and payment options and send an automated confirmation to students who register for a school dance.

Simplify Event Planning with InviteRight

An online ticketing and registration system like InviteRight can be a game changer for high school event planners. The benefits and use cases extend far beyond just tickets. Download the event planning checklist for monthly and weekly task breakdowns to help manage event processes.

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