At key points throughout the school year, activity organizers require a parent’s consent or to have someone signify they have read a notice. In the past, a form or notice was sent home with the expectation that a parent reads it and sends it back with a signature. 

Few of these notices ever make it back to school, which increases the work for school staff who follow up with parents again and again. Due to COVID-19, many schools are rethinking that strategy. A parent might have gone into the school to pay an activity fee and sign a form, they are now discouraged from going inside. It is becoming more common for a school district to require electronic signatures since many are moving towards paperless permission and sign-up forms. 

Add a digital signature to any online event form 

Rather than forcing a parent or event registrant to sign a paper form and re-send it by scanning or putting it into a student’s backpack, electronic signatures are an option for any of our mobile forms. An e-signature with a mobile form is immediate, more secure, and certainly more environmentally friendly. 

  • Once account information changes to include the e-signature option, an organizer can include them when editing a form or notice 
  • E-signatures are added the same way any question type is when in editing mode 
  • If there’s a need to add consent text, to go along with the e-signature, a user can input this text when editing the form and that text will appear on the form when live. It is also carried over to a confirmation email sent to the individual completing the form 
  • The form user can click a button to submit the completed notice which also alerts the school the form completion 
  • Administrators can view the signatures in their administration area, create a custom view and export the information, including signatures 


Real-world examples of where e-signatures are applicable: 

  • Photo consent 
  • Acknowledgment of Risk and Informed Consent 
  • Age consent (example - student is 18 years of age or older if under, the parent must provide consent/permission) 
  • Acknowledgment of COVID-19 Procedures 
  • Acknowledgment of Event Cancellation Policy 

Events 2.0 

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