Staff users of ActivityRight can capture a list of parents who have viewed but not completed a parent permission form or who have an outstanding payment for a school activity.  

While our system encourages parent users to use the interactive Parent Portal to complete payments and permissions online, having the ability to print and send home paper copies gives staff users another way to collect essential information and permissions. Following our December 2021 release, ActivityRight staff users can now filter a list and print paper forms only for those parents who have not yet provided permission.  

For example, if the school is planning a field trip, parent permission is critical for teachers to know how many students will attend. An administrative user now uses ActivityRight to filter a list of parents to show only those with outstanding responses, either because they haven’t given permission or who haven’t paid an activity fee. Once this list is filtered, the staff user can print all outstanding forms to follow up with students and parents in person.  

Send Reminders to Parents 

Sometimes parents need a little reminder. Along with filtering lists, staff can also communicate to parents with ActivityRight’s built-in reminders encouraging them to reply electronically, avoiding printed forms. 

Admin users can send custom email reminders to parents and families regarding upcoming activities such as bus passes going on sale, an upcoming field trip, or canceling an event.   

Activity organizers can create reminders within the system and send them to specific people, prompting them to act on important information or remind parents about important dates and deadlines around activities and forms. 

ActivityRight is the centralized engagement platform that integrates your existing data to enable peak communication in the mobile-friendly format your staff and parents expect.  

Contact a team member to learn more about this feature improvement and the platform overall. To research the benefits of digital forms and payments for school activities, download our free ActivityRight ebook, How to Help Your Organization Become a Cashless School 

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