ActivityRight users can now send custom email reminders to parents and families regarding upcoming activities such as bus passes going on sale, an upcoming field trip, or canceling an event.  

Activity organizers can create reminders within the system and send them to specific people, prompting them to act on important information or remind parents about important dates and deadlines around graduation. Creating a reminder is quick and easy: 

  • Create multiple reminders for each activity  
  • Schedule your reminder to a future date (set it and forget it) 
  • Filter based on: Reminder Status, Participant Status, and whether the parent recipient has been onboarded 
  • Send a reminder to everyone that has paid a fee or is eligible for a refund  
  • Filter parents who are not onboarded into ActivityRight out of communications so they don’t receive reminders 

ActivityRight is the centralized engagement platform that integrates your existing data to enable peak communication in the mobile-friendly format your staff and parents expect. Using ActivityRight allows school districts to:    

  • Streamline field trips, events, and other school initiatives by solving all the problems with paper forms and cash collection    
  • Allow parents to pay school fees and access receipts from any device     
  • Simplify processing, collecting, and reconciliation of fees related to school activities   
  • Eliminate error-prone manual fee management processes    
  • Integrate with school accounting solutions for easy payment management 

Account Statement Emails 

In the newest development release, ActivityRight attaches a PDF account statement to an email that goes to parents, showing the fees they owe for each of their students. 

  • A parent can enlarge or shrink the PDF statement or print it off for their records. This allows parents to download the file, which reduces the need to scroll right and left to view the whole table properly 
  • Especially helpful to accounting staff for the end of the year and collecting outstanding fees because the PDF statement can be easily emailed to parents so that they can access the PDF themselves and download/print it if necessary 

Editing the Participants List in Closed Activities 

To avoid accounting headaches, ActivityRight now gives accounting staff at schools and districts more significant control over managing a list of activity participants when a fee is required.  

If a student expecting to attend an activity, such as a pizza party, and later can’t participate, a teacher or other user can delete that student from the participant list while the activity registration is live. However, if that student is still attached to the event when registration closes, an outstanding balance shows up and must be reconciled. 

  • Teachers and accounting staff can now edit the participant list, even after the event closes
  • An audit trail exists within ActivityRight to show what happens to a fee that was once charged and later removed 
  • This record shows who removed the payment, along with a date and time the transaction was made 

Reporting Enhancements 

  • Ability to sort student names on activity reports by student last name 
  • All questions tracked in the reports section 
  • Pending release in September 2021: the ability to export the participant list to generate reports for more detail and enhancements for partial payments and refunds  

Contact a team member to learn more about these feature improvements and the platform overall, or watch a two-minute overview video. 


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