Buyer's Guide: Fee Management Software for Educators

Choosing between fee management solutions can be a difficult and time-consuming process—especially on top of one’s primary responsibilities as a school administrator. ActivityRight is a student form and activity management solution with fee collection capabilities, approval workflows, and many other attributes not commonly found in fee management software. This article highlights key features and differentiators that are unique to ActivityRight to aid administrators in the vendor selection process.

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Bridging the Parent-School Communication Gap

Meaningful, two-way communication between parents and their child’s district, school, and teachers is invaluable—but it’s also a challenge. Modern advancements in technology are causing a shift in communication preferences, and school administrators are left trying to figure out the best way to reach parents and, ultimately, bridge the parent-school communication gap.

In this article, we’ll share tips for improving parent-school communication across the district, but first, let’s talk about why it’s so important, to begin with.

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