There are endless advantages to becoming a cashless school. From increasing efficiencies and offering secure payment options to improving parent communication, the benefits speak for themselves. For the folks in the financial department at your school or in your district, going cashless solves many of the pain points that plague them each day.

Becoming a cashless school can improve the day-to-day for your financial team in a myriad of ways. For example, general ledger integration, fee collection capability, secure online payment options, and a decrease in duplicate work efforts are all benefits that improve the organization’s accounting processes and eliminate the headaches that come with the manual, outdated ways of doing things.

That’s why an increasing number of schools are beginning to recognize how going cashless can advance and improve their district. With that said, if you’re looking to advance your organization, moving to a cashless school system is only one piece of the puzzle.

Solving the Bigger Picture

It’s not enough to simply become a cashless school. Rather, as part of the transition, it’s important that you find a solution that solves the bigger picture. Think of the ultimate goal as going paperless by migrating all payments, forms, and communication to one centralized, digital platform.

By going paperless, you can dramatically decrease paperwork errors, duplicate efforts, and the number of inefficient, time-consuming processes. It’s about more than just fee collection—you also need to focus on making improvements in other areas that will help your school and district run as smoothly as possible. Some of those areas include:

  • Eliminating Organizational Silos
  • Easing Teacher Workloads
  • Improving Parent Communication
  • Mitigating School and District Risk
  • Increasing Efficiencies

Eliminating Organizational Silos

Too often, organizations are riddled with unnecessary silos that impede work, limit collaboration, and decrease productivity. As a result of these silos, many schools are stuck dealing with duplicate information and data entry, which creates a lot of unnecessary work (and time) for administrators. With a solution to help manage fees, forms, and communication, school districts can connect information systems and teams, effectively removing these silos and facilitating more collaboration across teams.

Easing Teacher Workloads

Along with getting rid of silos in the organization, a cashless solution can also ease the workload for your teachers in a big way. Teachers are often tasked with building out permission forms, ensuring the forms have all of the required fields, distributing said forms, and then collecting them from students. Coupled with fee collection and their other responsibilities, this process adds quite a bit to the teachers’ workload. A solution for managing the process can free up a significant amount of time for teachers, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best: educating the students in your district.

Improving Parent Communication

With a solution designed to support the paperless, cashless school system, parents instantly gain access to a mobile-friendly platform with all the information they need, from fees and forms to approvals and notifications. This type of solution delivers a streamlined experience for parents, reducing the number of easily solvable questions and improving parent communication across the board.

Mitigating School and District Risk

Many schools lack a policy-compliant solution to help them manage activity-related fees, permission forms, and parent communication. Without a system in place to ensure compliance, school districts put themselves at risk.

For example, imagine you’re trying to organize 10 field trips across the district in the same week. Yikes! How are you supposed to manage all the logistics and requirements of each field trip? You’re bound to make a mistake when you’re managing so many things at once, right? Isn’t there a better way to keep track of the fees and forms you’re tasked with collecting?

With the ability to share compliant forms and gain parent approvals for field trips and school events, both schools and their greater districts can mitigate risks. ActivityRight offers administrators the opportunity to create standard district permission terms and templates to ensure compliance. A paperless, cashless solution offers a streamlined way to manage district-wide communication and fee collection through one centralized system.

Increasing Efficiencies

With a centralized solution in place to automate and simplify processes, schools can reduce the manpower spent on daunting, time-consuming tasks, such as reconciling fees, collecting forms, and tracking down parents for permission. A resource like this can help teachers and administrators dramatically increase efficiencies, streamline workflows, and improve productivity.

A Final Thought

There are many advantages to becoming a cashless school—but it really is just the first step. In order to truly improve and advance your district, rather than just fixing localized problems as they crop up, you need to invest in an all-inclusive resource that solves problems for the future. By focusing on the bigger picture and considering the many pain points that a cashless solution can help address, you can take your school district to the next level and make improvements that everyone—parents, teachers, administrators, and students—will thank you for.

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