With the September 2021 development release, staff and teachers using ActivityRight have improved controls over fee reports as part of ongoing payment adjustment development.  

Fee reports are one of two significant upgrades to ActivityRight as a result of customer requests as well as some minor bug fixes. Also, this release augments the ability for teachers and staff to reverse a complimentary or discounted activity fee. 

Activity Fee Reports 

ActivityRight users can create a report based on activity details and fees. Using various filters, school or district users can sift through the results and pull out the information they need. The feature upgrade allows them to pull data to generate a complete list based on the filtered selected.  

For example, if a classroom teacher takes hot lunch orders for students, they can use ActivityRight to list the lunch options available. The form collects the choices and stores them in an administration dashboard. Once the form closes, the teacher can select a report and view the results in different formats:  

  • View report as a list   
  • View report as a pie chart for a visual breakdown  
  • List the participants and their student ID for follow up  

Users can export the reports into Excel and share them with another school, their district, or an external partner. 

ActivityRight is the centralized engagement platform that integrates with your existing data to enable peak communication in a  mobile-friendly format your staff and parents expect. Using ActivityRight allows school districts to:      

  • Streamline field trips, events, and other school initiatives by solving all the problems with paper forms and cash collection     
  • Allow parents to pay school fees and access receipts from any device      
  • Simplify processing, collecting, and reconciliation of fees related to school activities    
  • Eliminate error-prone manual fee management processes    
  • Integrate with school accounting solutions for easy payment management 

Reverse a discount/complimentary payment 

Sometimes school staff and admin encounter a situation where a complimentary or discounted fee is warranted. If by mistake or a change in circumstance means the free or discounted payment is no longer applicable, staff users can now reverse that transaction. Staff users are the only group that can make a complimentary payment and later voids the discount.   

To research the benefits of digital payments for school activity fees, download our free ActivityRight ebook, How to Help Your Organization Become a Cashless School. 

Group Invitations and Bug Fixes 

  • Group functionality improved so staff can use the status report to view which parents are active but not yet invited to participate with ActivityRight  
  • Send an invite to a large group at once versus individually 
  • Send transaction receipts via email when multiple orders are attached 

ActivityRight reduces the risk associated with cash collection and school-generated funds by automatically allocating digitally collected fees with a General Ledger integration. 

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