In January of 2022, ActivityRight released a feature development, changing the default Activity notification. This setting now requires administrative users to select the date and time to notify parents when creating a form or activity.  

New Activity Feature

Before this change, the administrative user didn't have an opportunity to change or cancel as the activity form went out as soon as the form was complete. This change reduces the risk of a Staff user accidentally sending a form out with errors or an incorrect participant list and gives them a bit more time to review and feel confident that the Activity is ready for parents to see. 

Important to Note

  • The function of creating forms and activities is the same 
  • Users can still add a workflow approval so that the activity or form goes to someone with a higher-level role to approve before it goes to participants 
  • Approval workflows support collaboration and communication between teams. There are fewer phone calls and emails devoted to tracking payments, fostering deeper and less stressful communication  

For more benefits of contactless and cashless forms and activities, download our free ebook, How to Help Your Organization Become a Cashless School. Or contact a team member to learn more about how easy the ActivityRight platform is and how it keeps cashless payments secure. 

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