Choosing between fee management solutions can be a difficult and time-consuming process—especially on top of one’s primary responsibilities as a school administrator. ActivityRight is a student form and activity management solution with fee collection capabilities, approval workflows, and many other attributes not commonly found in fee management software. This article highlights key features and differentiators that are unique to ActivityRight to aid administrators in the vendor selection process.

ActivityRight: Key Features

Below are key features and benefits to integrating ActivityRight with existing school data systems and processes:

Online Fee Collection

Digital payments are secure and auditable, allowing administrators to collect and reconcile fees with more accuracy, in less time. Online fee collection eliminates the need for administrators and educators to chase down, verify, and keep track of student payments, reducing manual data entry and saving staff time.

Integration with Existing Systems

Integration with existing systems, such as the school’s student information system (SIS) and accounting or general ledger (GL) software, improves fee collection processes by syncing with student rosters and providing automated receipts, historical records, and a financial audit trail. Online credit card processing with ActivityRight assists schools to collect more fees and align with modern payment preferences. 

Real-time updates provide increased financial visibility, helping administrators accurately allocate school-generated funds to the right accounting codes with minimal time required from the accounting team. 

Approval Workflows

Approval workflows improve interdepartmental collaboration by eliminating manual processes and reducing the back-and-forth with administrators in the district. These capabilities enable administrators to receive instant notifications when approvals are needed and avoid potential delays. An example of this is an overnight trip requiring additional legal language on the form sent home to parents; with approval workflows, legal can help support compliance with risk management without delaying the form or requiring the teacher to have risk management processes memorized. 

Single Sign-On

With the SIS integration, schools and districts can invite users with just a few clicks. Parents and families can leverage their existing accounts, such as Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, to access the parent portal. Simple, user-friendly access streamlines the parent experience, including management of students across multiple schools in the district or blended families.

Mobile-Friendly Format

ActivityRight’s convenient, mobile-friendly format enables educators, administrators, and parents to access the solution at any time and any place. A digital solution built in a mobile-friendly format helps school districts align with modern payment and communication preferences.

ActivityRight: Differentiators

Below are key differentiators of ActivityRight in comparison to fee management software:

System Integration

Unlike other fee management solutions, ActivityRight integrates seamlessly with SIS and accounting software. Integration saves administrators time by programming the tasks associated with fee collection and eliminating manual work. This ultimately helps to improve data accuracy and reduces the risk of errors due to manual processes and silos.

Industry Expertise

ActivityRight was designed by a product council of passionate people with educational expertise to help solve school-specific challenges. For more than 20 years, our team has provided cost-effective digital solutions that give resources back to the district and give educators back time in their day so they can spend more of it with students and families.

Training and Support

ActivityRight is user-friendly and intuitive, with a range of training and support options available to accommodate users of varying technical abilities. However, even the most intuitive solutions are bound to surface questions. Our team provides out-of-this-world training and support, reducing the number of IT troubleshooting tickets, and improving user adoption.

By integrating ActivityRight with existing student information and accounting systems, school administrators can process, collect, and reconcile fees with increased accuracy and efficiency. Schedule a demo for a firsthand look at how ActivityRight benefits schools.

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