There are many benefits to investing in school management software—but it can still be hard to gain buy-in from stakeholders. Overall, school management software is both cost effective and convenient—it saves time that would otherwise be wasted on manual, inefficient processes and streamlines everything from communication to internal workflows and improves parent and family engagement throughout school districts. Here are some items to consider and share with stake-holders to help gain the buy-in needed to implement a school management solution at your school or district. 

Communicate Key Features and Benefits

Whether replacing an old system or investing in new technology, these key features and benefits can help to make the case for school management software and gain buy-in:

  • System integration capabilities (SIS and General Ledger integration) 
  • Easy implementation and onboarding
  • Digital forms and templates
  • Automated workflow approvals
  • Automated fee generation
  • Data management
  • Real time notifications

System integration capabilities

System integration and single sign-on capabilities enable administrators to manage all school and district activities within one software solution. Connecting school management software with student information and general ledger systems helps to remove silos, multiple-point solutions and eliminate manual processes associated with pulling and reconciling data.

Easy implementation and onboarding

Selecting school management software with an easy implementation and onboarding process means fewer troubleshooting requests and faster user adoption. Choose a solution that is user-friendly and intuitive, with a range of training and support options available to accommodate users of varying technical abilities.

Digital forms and templates

Digital forms help support paperless initiatives and simplify the processes associated with form creation and upkeep. A solution such as ActivityRight offers customizable drag-and-drop form templates in a Q&A format that are easy to use for school administrators, teachers, parents and students alike.

Automated workflow approvals

Automated workflow approvals increase cross-team collaboration and help ensure the right administrators see the right activities at the right time. This helps to avoid delays caused by slow approvals and automates outdated, manual processes associated with reaching out for clarifying information.

Automated fee generation

Automated fee generation offers a convenient, mobile-friendly payment option for parents and families, eliminates manual work and helps to avoid cash-handling errors. Digital payments also integrate with school accounting systems and provide an audit trail—not to mention that they can help school districts go cashless.

Data management

A solution like ActivityRight not only solves issues related to paper forms, but also solves for the collection and collation of data that is associated with those forms. Seamless system integration capabilities provide access to real-time student data that is accurate and reliable. This helps streamline reporting and eliminate silos, ultimately empowering users to access the information they need without having to reach out for assistance.

Real-time notifications

Real-time alerts and notifications improve parent-school communication, prevent process delays associated with manual workflows, and reduce redundant administrative tasks for staff. They also ensure schools are compliant with OSHA/OH&S standards for emergency notifications.

Share Real-Life Success Stories

When key features and benefits are not effective enough to make the case for new school management software, aim to share real-life, concrete examples. Most vendors (ActivityRight included) are happy to provide success stories that highlight how their solution has helped other schools streamline processes, automate workflows, and work more efficiently each day.

The right school management solution can be transformative for districts and schools looking to improve operations, transparency, and internal processes. Systems that automate processes can help administrators do away with administrative tasks such as manually pulling data, reaching out—and following up—for approvals, and collecting cash payments. When assessing new school management software and looking to gain stakeholder buy-in, seeing the benefits firsthand can be very helpful. Schedule a demo to see how ActivityRight helps address challenges unique to school districts.

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