With the constant adding and dropping of classes throughout the school year, schools need flexibility with adding, editing or removing fees. In the February development release, ActivityRight is helping teachers and school staff by providing more control over fee assignment on existing Activities.  

A student can decide to change their timetable to add a course after the school year starts. Previously, staff added the Fee Item to that Student by creating a separate Activity (as there was no way to edit and add a fee item). Now, the Fee Items are adjusted easily from within the same Activity, allowing Staff to make changes as necessary without having to manage a single student in a separate Activity. 

For example, a student might already be taking band and drama but wants to add additional activities, such as painting. If the painting course includes a fee, ActivityRight administrative users can now edit and add the painting fee item to a single participant. 

How to Activate the Fee Item Feature

To add the fee activity to a single participant, staff users will: 

  • Log in to their ActivityRight account 
  • Go to the "Activities" list 
  • Find the Activity they need to adjust Participant fee items for 
  • Select "Edit Participants" from the three-dot drop-down menu to the far right

  • Find the Student in the Participants list 
  • Then select "Add/Edit Fee Items" from the three-dot down-down menu to the far right 

  • Adjust the Fee Items by selecting additional Fee Item checkboxes, then select "UPDATE" 
  • An email is automatically sent to parents when a student has a new fee item assigned. A parent can also see the fee owing from their Parent Portal notifications 

Here to Help

Please contact customersuccess@transact.com Monday to Friday, from 7 am – 4 pm PT, for assistance with making edits or creating activity fee reports.  

ActivityRight reduces the risk associated with cash collection and school-generated funds by automatically allocating digitally collected fees. Schools can generate meaningful reports on activity details and fees, which provide greater insights into fee collection and expenses for schools and parents. 

For more benefits of contactless and cashless forms and activities, download our free ebook, How to Help Your Organization Become a Cashless School. Or contact a team member to learn more about how easy the ActivityRight platform is and how it keeps cashless payments secure. 

We regularly share guidance and insights on parent-school communication and fee management.